Hard skills are related to specific technical knowledge and training while soft skills are personality traits such as leadership, communication, staff management and changes in organizations.

Both types of skills are necessary to successfully perform and advance in most jobs and both skills are important when you – as we do in Vipsit – step up and support organizations in need.

We have listed what our current hard and our soft skills are. We will of course update as it grows.




Animal facilities, Accident/incident/near-misses/close-catches systems, BOD, Biological agents, BRM implementation, Biorisk manuals, Biosafety, Biosecurity, Chemistry, CIP, Cleaning validation, Commissioning, Communication plans, CONOPS, Contract Specifications Review & Analysis, CWA 15793 & CWA 16393, Data Analytics, Decontamination, 30%-60%-90% Design reviews, Diagnostic laboratories, DQ, Equipment, Eradicated diseases, Facility assessments, Facility design, Fermentors, GMO’s, GMP production, HEPA filters, High containment, HVAC systems, Impact assessments, Instructional Design, ISO standards, IQ, Kast Hydrology, Kill systems, Laboratories, Large scale productions, Media systems, Metrics, Mixed methods Study Development & Analysis, O&M plans, Operational readiness, OQ, Performance indicators, Pharmaceutical plants, Pilot plants, PQ, Project Management, Qualification, Qualitative Data Analysis, Quantitative Data Analysis, Regulatory compliance, Research laboratories, Reviews, Risk assessments, Room decontamination, SIP, SOP’s, Stakeholder interviews, Start-up Testing, Sustainability, Systems Operational Testing, TABLEAUX, Training, User requirement specifications (URS), Utility systems, Vaccines, Validation, Waste



Accident and incident Systems Development & Analysis, Addie Model, Blooms Taxonomy, Change Management, Coaching, Cultural understanding and culture changes, Jensen Model, Document Review, Grant Writing, Guideline implementation, HSEEP Inspired Training/Drills/Exercises, Jigsaw model, Mentoring, On-demand Workshop Design & Training, Plans, Policies, PowerPoint Presentations, Proposal Writing & Review, Research Design, Reverse jigsaw model, Translation, Travel Guidelines, TTX Exercises