If not – send us an email anyway. We might still be able to help you, or we might know somebody who can.


We can review, guide and mentor either you or your team. We can kick them off and check in from time to time, supporting them as they learn. You decide with what and how we can help you out the best.

We work remotely over ZOOM, WebEx, Skype, Teams, E-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Sharepoint sites, Drop-box or any type of platform you are comfortable with. We will interact with you in your typical work hours, even if that is in the middle of our night, and we can under certain circumstances and vacation time travel to your site and work from there for a shorter time.

As we all have an almost full plate, a real daytime job, as well as private lives and commitments to other clients, family and friends – a decent lead time for reviews are preferred. Even if it is just a tentative plan or a heads up about what might be coming.

If we together decide to go forward, we will start drafting a contract/NDA. We can work with most companies’ boiler-plate and standard contracts, however we do have some additions to these contracts for our final contract/NDA. We will add verbiage that comes from our daytime employers to ensure that we do not end up with what can be perceived as a conflict of interest. We will solve it together, and stich the words together, it has never stopped a review project going forward before.


We charge comparable market-prices for our senior staff specialists / high containment large scale GMP SME’s for face-to-face interaction and urgent, time sensitive turn-around review deliverables. We charge a little less for our support staff, preparation for read out meetings, development or customization of our templates and other material, reviews, and report writing where adequate lead time and flexibility in planning can smoothen out the daily workload. We invoice all costs for travel, per diems, travel hours, accommodation and layover days separately, and we travel business class. In case we will meet face to face, we will travel during our vacation time

If one-time assistance takes less than 15 – 20 minutes, it is not worth the time setting up a client profile in our system, writing an invoice, sending it and following up. Let us prove to you that we are a resource, let us help you if it is a quick and fast question, and then let us have your back when you later want to go deep water diving. Most of the time we can guide you to find the answer on the part of the theoretical part of this webpage.


As our services span wide, and cover many fields, we suggest you send an email, with a topic specific request. We will then let you know who we would suggest you should contact for information about our past project execution and excellence.


We serve many types of clients and we sign NDA’s and confidentiality agreements. Some of our contracts are associated with rescue missions and other more sensitive tasks. All our clients will be contacted in advance, and it will be their choice, and theirs alone, if we can disclose their identity for a reference statement or not.


If your project in any way will conflict with our other work or current projects, we will let you know immediately, and be delighted to point you in the direction of someone else who can assist you. We have a very large network.


Vibeke Halkjaer-Knudsen, 2909 Hermosa Dr NE. Albuquerque, NM, 87110. USA


“Pushing the envelope, while still coloring within the lines, and dotting the i’s”

We look forward to be working with you or your junior staff members, either now – or some time in the future.