“Project management is like juggling three balls – time, cost and quality. Program management is like a troupe of circus performers standing in a circle, each juggling three balls and swapping balls from time to time.” ~ G. Reiss

Heading into any project without a strong project management plan, skill-set, experience and a well equipped toolbox for planning, follow up and reporting is like starting a train downhill where all the tracks has not been laid out yet. It can only go wrong.

Vipsit offers support to new project managers heading into projects where milestones, deadlines, quality, and costs are metrics that are the drivers that in the end will define if the project was a failure or a success. We assist in identifying the critical path, the resources, timeline and outcomes. Project management is informed by risk assessments, and is a time consuming task if the project is not analyzed thoroughly before it is launched. Applying tools that can follow the project from the early planning phase, through project follow up and reporting will save time and ensure that the warning signs will be discovered in time. Vipsit has used both the most sophisticated project management tools that comes with a steep learning curve and we have also developed our own tools based on programs that are well known, already mastered and intuitive for the user.


Vipsit offers support for young leadership and managers in organizations that go through organizational changes.

Change management is a systematic approach that deals with the transition or transformation of an organization’s goals, processes or technologies. The purpose of proactive change management is to implement strategies for effecting change, controlling change and helping people to adapt to change.


Several of us have, due to positions we have held, implemented institutional changes, upgraded to full blown GMP standard, brought institutions into compliance with ISO standards and similar challenges. We have had to reduce our staff numbers drastically over night, expand staff faster than the budget had foreseen, move staff around to new sites, and fire people that broke the rules or ended up not contributing the way they were expected to.

We have burned our wings in our early career years and have grown new feathers since then. We know where we failed and what we would do differently next time.  What we were not good enough at in our younger years, was planning ahead, identifying challenges and choosing mitigation measures in advance.

Today, we are in positions where we make fewer and fewer errors. This must indicate that we have actually been able to learn from our mistakes!

If your organization is facing larger changes, needs to conform to new issued guidelines, or is moving staff to new environments you are welcome to reach out to us. We will stay in the shadows and help you brainstorm on how to bite the bullet and get out there, immerse and get dirty.

You can bring us in and we will work with you and even be the carrier of the non-appreciated message and be the unpopular entity, while you can stay in the shadows and stay popular. It is your choice.