The people who stand behind Vipsit have research published in international scientific and teacher education journals.

Vipsit can act as a second set of critical eyes and perform professional reviews from a content, flow and grammatical point of view. We count chemists, biologists, geologists, graduate school teachers, PhD’s in teacher education and more among our group. We have American English or Danish as our first languages.


Vipsit offers translations of documents and power points between Danish and American English. Vipsit has no formal scholary education in translation; however, we are native speakers …..

Being born and raised in Denmark makes Vips fluent in Danish, and able to understand Swedish and Norwegian well enough to translate it to English. Having lived in the US and worked with English as the primary language for more than 10 years, has made Vips proficient enough that she can translate efficiently and correctly for the technical messages not to get lost.

Using other team members in Vipsit, all native born Americans, with a past as research scientists, technical writers and high school/college teachers, gives Vipsit the skill set to polish the final product to both meet and exceed the grammatical standard and sophistication that is expected for scientific publications in journals, technical reports, and white papers.