Vipsit offers to take an outside look at who you are and how you market yourself.

Jobhunting is successful when you are systematic, resilient, and dedicated, but it is also about communication skills. If you cannot create the right picture in the head of the reader of your application, you have failed and will most likely never be invited to an interview.

Vipsit consists of senior professionals who have had long careers in leadership positions. This means that combined, we have hired more than a hundred individuals. It also means that we have reviewed and read thousands of job applications and CV’s. A job applicant will attempt to, in a very limited space, describe all the outstanding skill-sets they posses. The person who is hiring has a specific profile in mind and often very limited time to find their right person and might receive 2-300 applications to fill a single position. They do not care about your life history or past research if it does not apply directly to the position they are hiring  for. If you write too much, there might be an appearance of you as “not the right fit”, or “too overqualified”. If you do not write enough, you will be end up in the wrong pile too.

The CV and the cover letter are only supposed to open the door and get you to your first interview. Then you can add on all your other amazing capabilities that the company had not event recognized they would need.


Nobody gets a job without a CV. The Vipsit team have very diverse backgrounds and have had several different careers with different companies, organizations and institutions. We have spent countless hours during long nights reviewing and suggesting changes to both junior and senior colleagues that needed the first job, or needed a job change in their life. We will be happy to review the most important document in your life, the document about your life and give you some candid feed back.


We all have a tendency to only use the rear view mirror in trying to imagine how our next job could look. The consultants at Vipsit have, for many years, served the professionals in the industry as coaches. We have assisted in developing individual strategic, systematic job hunting approaches. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for all of the trees and sometimes it can be helpful when somebody else challenges the traditional view you might have of your own capabilities.

Vipsit will work with you to get the approach right, to target the right companies and to develop a “project follow up” system to ensure that you never lose the overview of what you wrote to whom, when to follow up, and with what companies.

We will not serve you a predigested list of companies you can work through. However, we will help you brainstorm and refine your strategy and targets through coaching and nibbing, challenging questions.

We are also willing to do a “dry-run” and practice your job interview with you until you are “ready to go.”