Vipsit has many years experience in large scale facility design, construction, commissioning and operational readiness, and can support your team with ideas and things to be concerned about throughout your project.

Vipsit provides support throughout all phases of your building project

We are not architects or construction engineers, but we can kick-start the institution and bridge the gap between the A&E companies and the owners/users. We are willing to review the information the designers need for starting the preliminary design phase.


Vipsit has been involved in several rescue missions. We excel at it, and we have a steady income from that. Which is actually sad.

Why is there never time to do it right, but always time to do it over again?

What is different from starting a building project from scratch compared to heading out on a beach vacation with a couple of toddlers? We would make sure they could swim in advance, right? And if not, we would provide swim wings and dedicated oversight while they learned. Because we care for them, and we want them to be safe.

Shouldn’t we treat projects and our staff at work the same?

When Vips undertook her first major project, she for sure should have found herself in more trouble than she actually did. Why didn’t that happen? Because there were a couple of rescue teams out there keeping an eye on her. If not – she would have failed miserably. Did her organization pay more than they should have for the first project? Sure! Did her first projects meet the original planned deadlines? Nope!

If Vips had had access to the pre-information and skill-set that were needed so desperately in a timely manner, there would have been fewer all-nighters and less “tear it all down and start all over” including extra bills and disputes that ended up headed towards court. In the beginning she was not strong enough to stop the project when it started derailing. She found herself in hands of “experts” who, it turned out, had their own business in mind, rather than her project and budget. Nevertheless, she survived.

As Vips’ project experience grew and she continued the quest into new building projects, she acquired the strength and knowledge needed to stop a project in time and get it back on track. However, she also found it to be a skill she needed less and less. She had learned how to prepare in advance and create firm walls around her projects that nobody could break through. She had learned due diligence, and to do her homework in advance and to be “ready” for the experts when they arrived. This is what she is willing to share.

If somebody sat down and capitalized how much money, how many work hours and sleepless nights are lost on derailed laboratory building projects worldwide due to lack of preparation and lack of insight – it would be a staggering number.


It is imperative to front load your project. In many occasions the owner or user are taken by surprise at how much detailed information the design architects and engineers need and by how fast they want that knowledge delivered.

By engaging in these discussions and finding the data in advance of the design team arrival, the first meetings with the A&E company will be less stressful.

Do you need help with outlining the “to do’s” that are needed advance? Vipsit can support with data collection tools, and whisper in the ear of the project lead.

The sub-pages in this section will describe in more detail what challenges each of the different design and construction phases are hiding and where Vipsit has templates that can support.