This section of the Vipsit site focuses on our soft skill sets. This page is intended to give an overview, enjoy the sub-folders for more insight.


Accident and incident Systems Development & Analysis, Addie Model, Blooms Taxonomy, Change Management, Coaching, Cultural understanding and culture changes, Jensen Model, Document Review, Grant Writing, Guideline implementation, HSEEP Inspired Training/Drills/Exercises, Jigsaw model, Mentoring, On-demand Workshop Design & Training, Plans, Policies, PowerPoint Presentations, Proposal Writing & Review, Research Design, Reverse jigsaw model, Stakeholder interviews, Translation, Travel Guidelines, TTX Exercises


Do you feel comfortable turning your company upside down or stepping into new territories?

Vipsit assists young project managers with developing the project management and communication plans for your project. We support more senior professionals with change leadership management, Workshop planning, SMART goals, Metrics, PDCA cycle. There is a plethora of skillsets to master to be efficient during changing times.


Do your audiences feel energized and entertained when you are on the podium talking to them?

Development of thought provoking high impact graphic and illustrative PowerPoint slides, communicating difficult and complex facts is another area where we believe we have skills to share.

Send us your draft, and we will finalize it and make it impactful and memorable. A picture speaks more than a 1000 words. We have collected illustrations and pictures for exactly this purpose for almost 30 years.


Can you WOW you audience?

Do you know how to create engaging and exciting GMP and BioRisk Management training that leave the students inspired and ready for next class?

Does your training program stop with the PowerPoint slides, or does it continue into discussion and operation based exercises? Should it?

There are many tools to use for training. Face-to-face / Webinars / Skype / ZOOM / Webex … Vipsit has more than 30 years of practice – We are happy to share our experience and brainstorm together.


Do you fully understand the people you engage with?

Do you have multiple nationalities employed in your company? Or do you all just travel around the world all the time and sometimes think: “What on earth did just happen here”? Do you understand culture differences, personality types, communication preferences, learning styles, adult learning techniques and all the other “soft” tools that are necessary for getting the hard science delivered convincingly?

What glasses do you wear?

What do you see when you look at those you are interacting with when you work across borders and cultures? What do they see when they look at you? How do you approach a training event or a business deal? What is expected? Often insight and a deeper understanding of why their behavior and expectations makes as much sense in their mind as your behavior makes in your mind, can create a common ground for a successful outcome. However, somebody has to take the first step and take the glasses off. Within this field as with any other, a clear strategy will make the goal come within reach. Throughout our international engagements we have always found this field interesting. It took many books and much reading before we truly understood – most – of the dynamics. Today we help others make sense of it all, and prepare them for the interactions. Would you like a crash-course and some tools to navigate these waters?


How do you prepare for travel? Do you know where the nearest international clinic is, what the alternative road to the airport is, and where to go if you get in trouble? After having visited what almost feels like a third of the countries on the planet we have learned some valuable lessons on the road. We have developed cheat sheets, travel planning and risk mitigation strategies and templates for it all. We are always happy to share and teach best practices and survival tricks & skill set to newborn road warriors, either individually or in groups in your company.


Do you know what your next step in your own life should be?

Where to move your career? What to do the upcoming years? Strategic job search, CV development, job interview preparation – been there, done that.

Like any other project in the professional world, you should also have a VISION, MISSION and a STRATEGY for your own career. Did you take the time to develop this? Do you need a nudge and a push?


Danish – American English and English – Danish

Native speakers in both languages working closely together