Vipsit has a long history of providing services to different clients through confidential referrals and network. We strongly recognize and respect that our role is to assist those who reach out to us – not to promote ourselves. We refer to our clients by industry, not by name.

Vipsit has a strategic, systematic and flexible approach tailored to your needs, tasks and challenges. When we review your suggested designs we can take the lead at the A&E meetings, we can work as a part of your team and communicate to the team lead, or we can stand back in the shadows, coaching and whisper directly in your ear. We strive to be a credible and reliable resource that can be called forward when needed, and stay out of sight in between.

We share innovative and proven solutions that ensure the twilight zones between GMP regulations and conflicting guidelines are addressed adequately, intelligently and efficiently from early facility design to final procedures, validation studies, SOP’s and maintenance protocols.

We balance the fundamental principles of GMP/GMO/animal health/traditional safety for biologicals and chemicals mixed with a pinch of security aspects relevant for these production facilities, in a mix that serves the needs of the project. As this is an aggressive, competitive private industry segment, filled with competitor vulnerable proprietary product information and recipes, we sign the appropriate NDAs as needed, and destroy information when requested.

We review and propose past proven project specific solutions and approaches that reflect the needs of the facility, that at the same time recognizes the geopolitical and cultural aspects associated with the project, that are sustainable, and at the same time fit within the available budget. If we believe this is not possible to meet the set goals within the available budget – we will share that fact with you up front.

We speak simple language. We use the professional terms, but back them up with more common language, explaining what lies behind the terms, why it is important, right now, and why, very soon, it might be too late. We want everybody, from new to seasoned professionals to understand the guidelines and standards guiding this industry, and why it matters. We will assist you in getting ahead of the wave, instead of being overrun.

All of us working in this industry segment have had our fair share of burns, we have learned, and over time grown stronger wings. Vipsit wants to pave the way for others, share our lessons learned and help you avoid some of the hidden pitfalls and traps.


We have extensive experience working around the globe in resource-rich and resource-limited regions, as well as all points in between.


The rest of this webpate consist of useful references, resources, links, textbooks and other stuff that made Vips to what she is today. Come back and look in the tab “for the early career professionals”, over time it will grow.

Why ?

Well …. why not share the information, materials, templates and systems that over time have made Vips successful and have saved her so many times in the past 30 years? Vips received assistance from people who believed in her when she was new in the field. People would share a reference, templates and project management tools and trust she could read, understand and apply. These are people she can never pay back, but who always had her back. This is one of the unique specialties that characterize the field we work in. We all work with the mission of producing products while keeping people, animals and environment safe. Today is the time to pay it forward, and Vips is proud to do so.

We hope that those of you who will visit this site will use the resources and links. When you reach a point where more is needed, or you do not have the time, band-with, skills, or resources – you are welcome to contact us. Assistance for less than 15 – 20 minutes is not worth the time to write an invoice, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Most likely Vips will already have provided similar guidance to others already.

If we do not know the answer – we will work to find it within our extensive network. We assure you that we will know someone who can help you, and we will be happy to introduce you and pave the way.


We enjoy what we do, and we thrive on the opportunity to make a difference


We deliver high quality products, we keep our deadlines and we exceed expectations


You can hire us when you need us, and forget about us in between